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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active civic participation in government by (1) providing services to voters and (2) taking action on certain public policy issues. Positions on issues are taken only after study and subsequent consensus of the members.
Do you have a trip to Alaska on your bucket list? The LWV of Juneau has teamed with the LWV of Florida to inaugurate an exciting week long trip next June to explore the amazing scenery, wildlife, and history around Alaska's capital.

The LWV of Florida is handling the registrations, and the LWV of Juneau is planning an exciting variety of experiences. Best of all is the opportunity for League members to get to know Leaguers from other places as they share adventures together. More information from the LWV Florida at 850-224-2545 or the LWV of Juneau at 907-957-1175. Please share this special LWV opportunity with your friends. We'd love to see some of you in Juneau!

Learn more about this exciting trip!

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We hope our website will help you better understand the League and your government. We focus on selected policy issues and on encouraging effective government by and for the people. In an era of proliferating and powerful special interests, the League has earned a reputation as a respected and effective participant in the US political process at national, state, and local levels.

We hope you find the information on this website useful, and (if you are not already an LWV member) will consider joining our organization. Note that our members are automatically members of the League of Women Voters of Alaska, and of the League of Women Voters of the United States (LWVUS). Maintaining an effectively functioning democracy is hard work at all levels of government and we can always use more help.

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